A Baby Bag can be made for a mother-to-be, as well as a Grandmother, or Aunt-to-be, etc.
They make wonderful gifts for a friend, as well as a beautiful, practical gift for yourself.
As ever, you will have another opportunity to showcase your quilting and designing talents.
Tips on chosing fabric or a few of your most favorite 'Baby' embroidery designs.
Tip 1:
Using unexpected whimsical patterns, fabrics and bright colors can be used to give extra 'POP' to the bag.
Tip 2:
Anything from the Rubber Ducky, to playful dragons and funny looking bugs are among the enormous number of designs in fabric and embroidery.
Tip 3:
Select a fabric for the lining that will not show the inevitable dust and debris that occurs with use. Rather than going with white, red, blue or pink, use a shell on tan, or beige on brown. Small, indistinct patterns work well. I suggest you stay away from bold colors for the lining.
Tip 4:
For the pockets, chose a lining fabric that is complimentary to your outer shell fabric. This can also include embroidery on the pockets, or inside lining. For the receiver of the bag, this becomes like finding a treasure, which has never failed to elicit delighted responses from the receiver of the bag.
Open your Love & Stitches Designs Bag Lady's (or Gent's) Carrying Bag Pattern.
Follow the directions for making the “shell” of the bag.
Words to live by are, be sure to read through the entire pattern before you begin to measure and cut.
You will find the accompanying DVD to be very necessary in the creation of this, soon to be, beautiful piece of wearable art.
Once you have finished the shell of the bag, turn to the top of page 8, to Step 9A. Pockets.
Read through, and follow the steps of measuring and writing down (in pencil) all the measurements.
Decide what you (or the mother to be) most likely will carry when using this bag.
Consider baby’s toys, pacifier(s), bottle(s), packets of baby wipes, etc.
Measure these items, for the sizes of the pockets. For the inside, side pockets of the baby bag, measure the inside, side panel of the bag.
You may want to add 1 –2 inches to accommodate the size of a baby bottle, or you can measure ¾ around a baby bottle to have a more exacting measurement.
Write down the measurement and add ½ inch = ___________________.
At this time, go to the first disk of the Love & Stitches DesignsTM Bag Lady Carrying Bag Instructional DVD.
First Disk, Chapter Index, page 2. [Actually its ‘next page’.]
I go into detail on making Pocket Panels, for all Bag Lady Carrying Bags pockets, the front or back of the inside of the bags, as well as the sides as explained in the pattern.
Pocket panels are much less of a hassle and give the insides of the pockets more room.
This is the point when we diverge from the original pattern.
Read the following instructions through completely before going any further.
Pointing out the obvious, this is the pocket, in which the diapers are kept.
You, or the new Mom, will need to have at least one large zip-lock plastic bag in the pocket for wet/soiled diapers.
The plastic bag is also for depositing soiled baby wipes, regardless of who has needed to use the wipes.
This helps save the local environment from litter.
You could even consider the latest in water repellant materials for the inner part of the diaper bag.
This has recently become available in designs & patterns.
To make the Diaper pocket, go to the Bag Lady’s (or Gents) Carrying Bag Pattern.
Read: 9A. Pockets. Document Pocket.
Use the measurements from page 8, measurement A, then, add 6 inches. = __________________ inches.
The height of the Diaper Pocket is usually 9 inches.
This pocket is a perfect place for some surprise embroidery.
Be sure to center it (the embroidery) on the front side of the pocket.
Double the 9 inches = 18 inches, plus ½ inch for seam allowance. = 18 ½” .
Fold the fabric in half, and sew a stitch line a little more than ¼ inch from the fold.
Thus, resulting in a casing for ¼ inch elastic.
Using the measurement for the front/back of the bag (measurement A).
Cut a piece of ¼ inch elastic that will need to be secured at each side of the pocket.
This will gather the pocket at the top.
At the bottom of the pocket panel, made a double pleat, each folded away from the other to shorten the bottom of the pocket to its 9-inch pocket. (9.5 inches with the seam allowance.)
Baste the pleats.
Return to the pattern & DVD for instructions on sewing the pocket panel into the front/back of the bag.
Sew the diaper pocket as if it was a Document Pocket.
Before you wrap this beautiful Baby Bag, fill it with Baby goodies.
Newborn diapers, a large sealable plastic bag, a few receiving blankets, infant bath towel, powder, and an individually wrapped gift of perfume or bath oil for Mom.
She needs to be pampered too, and you are just one to do it perfectly.
Congratulations! You are now the proud artist to make a one of a kind, quilted Baby Bag.