When you're with Love and Stitches Designs, being a Bag Lady is not a bad thing. We have more of them almost every day, and I would like to celebrate all of them.

I receive letters from all over the country, and on this page I would like to share an occasional story, of course with the quilter's permission.

Quilting Cousins Sandy Franco and Lynn Allen took a class together, in San Francisco, CA.

Sandy writes:

"We grew up together in the Bay Area, both in crafty families, handy dads and creative moms. Lynn and I were sewing our own clothes by the time we reached high school. We have children about the same ages, adults now. We have remained close friends throughout our adulthood, and celebrate holidays together.

In the past few years, we have been attending regional quilt shows and sharing ideas for projects. We bought the same sewing machines 1-1/2 years ago, and we're enjoying all the "bells and whistles". Your Bag Lady class is the first one we have taken together. We have since gotten together and each made another bag, and have plans to make more."